Spectator Viewing

Spectator Viewing Areas

The Clearwater Marathon course is extremely spectator-friendly. The only road that closes completely to vehicle traffic is the Clearwater Causeway, westbound only.

Spectators can follow their favorite athlete by following these simple directions while consulting our official course map.

1. Parking has NOT been authorized at the various sites listed, so you are on your own. Of course, businesses will be slow early on a Sunday morning and you won’t be parked at any one place for too long.
2. Please adhere to all traffic laws, particularly speed limits, as you should have ample to time to move from one venue to the next. If your runner is particularly fast or you have delays, you may need to skip one or more of the stops.
3. Please cheer on all athletes as they approach. They will need all the encouragement you can provide. Also, feel free to help the volunteers at the aid stations as you wait, especially on Pinellas Trail.

Depart the Coachman Park parking lot to the north through the SteinMart parking lot, onto Osceola, turn right to Cleveland St., left on Cleveland to Ft. Harrison, turn right on Ft. Harrison, head south a little more than 2 miles to” Bellevue Boulevard at the Bellevue Biltmore Resort on right. Turn right (west), followed by a quick left, .25 mile, onto Indian Rocks Road. Head south 2.1 miles to West Bay, turn right. Go west 1.3 miles onto Belleair Causeway towards Belleair Beach. Use parking on left side of causeway immediately prior to second bridge on causeway. Once parked, you have about .4 mile walk to Gulf Boulevard on the marathon course for spectator viewing.

From this point, Gulf Blvd. is open to vehicluar traffic in either direction, but we discourage doing this, so we can avoid extra congestion next to the course.

After your favorite runner has passed, backtrack on Belleair Causeway east to Indian Rocks Road, turning right, heading south 2.7 miles to Walsingham Road. Turn right (west), go 1.1 miles, turn left to parking in lots of businesses which are closed. Walk a few blocks to Gulf Boulevard for spectator viewing.

Backtrack east on Walsingham Rd. for 1 mile, turning right on Oakhurst Rd. (same intersection as Indian Rocks Road on left) towards Seminole. Follow winding road 3.7 miles to Park Boulevard, park at Walgreens on right. If you forgot your camera or need film, this is your best opportunity to re-supply. Spectator viewing is on opposite side of street.

Leaving Walgreens, head east on Park Boulevard to 118th St. N., on left after Pinellas Trail overpass, park and walk back to Park Blvd. for Spectator Viewing #4. After your marathoner passes, return to 118th St. N. to see your runner coming over the Pinellas Trail overpass for Spectator viewing #5.

Head north on 118th St., following the bend in the road to Ridge Road, which runs parallel to the Pinellas Trail. Depending on your favorite runner’s pace, you should be able to see your runner at several intersections along the trail. When possible, park on the east side of the trail, to avoid crossing the marathon course and potentially delaying your travels.

First opportunity is at 102nd Ave. Turn left (west) and the Trail is less than 1/2 mile away.

After you depart this stop, head back (east) to Ridge Rd., turn left (north) to Walsingham Rd., turn left (west) and locate parking before the Trail’s intersection.

Head back to Ridge Rd. (east), turn left (north) to Ulmerton Rd., turn left (west) to the overpass, allowing you to park on either side of the Pinellas Trail intersection.

When you leave this site, head east on Ulmerton to the big intersection of Ridge Rd. (which is offset from the southbound portion), turn left (north) to 8th Ave. SW. Park at the convenience store (good time to make a purchase) on the SW corner of the intersection. Walk west about 1/4 mile, where you should be able to see your favorite runner twice, both entering and exiting Taylor Park.

After Taylor Park, there are several locations to catch your favorite runner in downtown Clearwater, but we suggest you head right back to the finish line, for your athlete’s moment of glory. At this point, you will probably want to park in a nearby lot (detailed in the runner notes), as the parking will be quite limited.

Following this will provide an enjoyable marathon for you and your fans.

Hope that helps! See you soon!

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