Race Cancelled Due to Covid

It is with very heavy hearts that we are forced to announce that the St. Petersburg Distance Classic is cancelled for 2022 due to the COVID pandemic. Experts are predicting that the current surge will peak in mid-February, which coincides EXACTLY with our scheduled date of February 13th.

While we realize this race was to be held outdoors where virus transmission among athletes may remain at an “acceptable” level (whatever that is), there is also the likelihood that transmission would take place when so many athletes are in such close proximity to one another.

Also, as many of you know, running a 26.2 mile marathon is the most arduous race of the popular distances. We eliminate the possibility of our athletes being sent to overburdened hospitals.

We will ALWAYS err on the side of caution when it comes to the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, crew members, and city workers who would be scheduled to lend their support.

By canceling these races, we also eliminate any extra strain on first responders: specifically police officers and EMTs.

Announcing this decision now provides athletes with ample time to make alternate plans, whether it is finding different races to join or changing travel plans.

We also eliminate the possibility of this race being canceled at the last minute by city officials who could face staffing issues, particularly for traffic control, as so many police officers are needed to man all the posts in our downtown area.

We apologize for the inconvenience this cancellation might create for our athletes, but please know there is no one more disappointed than we are. For most of you, this is a recreational pursuit. For us, this is, and has been, our livelihood for more than the last two decades.

We recognize that everyone may not agree with our decisions, especially as other races will continue to be staged. Just as every race is uniquely staged, every race director has different demands and safety standards.

Please know we are doing the best we can during these uncertain times to keep all parties as safe as possible.

For Registered Athletes

You will be receiving an email with the information and options below.

Athletes registered in the 5K, 10K, or Halfathon: Your registration will automatically be transferred to our Shamrock Distance Classic on March 20 at Ft. De Soto Park, for the same distance you signed up for at St. Pete. No other action is required on your part in terms of registration.
Athletes registered in the Marathon: As St. Petersburg is the only Marathon we offer each year, we will provide a deferral code once our date for 2023 is approved by the City of St. Petersburg and we open registration. Those athletes MUST register again using the deferral code, so that we have the most up-to-date information for each athlete, specifically addresses, emails and emergency contact info. By the time we stage the 2023 St. Petersburg Distance Classic, some of our athletes’ information will be nearly 2 years old.
Athletes registered for both St. Pete and Shamrock: You will also be provided a deferral code for the 2023 St. Petersburg Distance Classic, but MUST re-register for all the same reasons as stated above.

Other Options For Registered Athletes
• Athletes currently registered for the 2022 St. Petersburg 5K, 10K, or Halfathon can request a deferral code for the 2023 St. Petersburg Distance Classic instead of transferring to the Shamrock Distance Classic. Email us at [email protected]
• Athletes currently registered for the St. Petersburg Marathon can request a transfer to the Shamrock Distance Classic, for the event of your choice. Email us at [email protected]
• You may transfer your registration to join either our Florida Virtual Challenge or our Million Meter Virtual Challenge. Earn some unique bling by tracking your mileage over several weeks, months, or all of 2023.
Register here for Florida Virtual Challenge
• You may request a refund of your entry fee, but we are unable to refund service fees paid to Active.com. Email us at [email protected]
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